Small Groups

At MCC, we believe that God created each of us to be a part of loving, intentional relationships that help us become more of who God desires for us to be. This is why we have small groups! A small group is like family: a gathering of people to laugh, cry and connect with.  Being involved in a small group will give you a unique opportunity to grow spiritually and learn more about God while at the same time developing lasting friendships.

Most of our small groups are on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM during our Family Night but there are a few that meet on other days and times. Check out below to find the perfect group for you! 

Grow 101

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM during Family Night
Grow 101 is a basic discipleship class that teaches what it really means to be a follower Jesus. If you are a new Christian then this class is definitely for you! However, anyone is welcome to attend. 

A Beautiful Design

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM during Family Night
A Beautiful Design is a class on God's unchanging plan for manhood and womanhood taught by Pastor Terry. Both men and women are invited to attend!

Women's Bible Study

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM during Family Night
Our Women's Bible Study is a great time for ladies to connect with one another, have some fun, be encouraged, and learn from God's Word.

Conquer Series

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM during Family Night
The statistics of pornography in the global church show that 68% of church going men view pornography on a regular basis. This means that all men need to be trained and equipped to be able to help themselves and other men who are in the midst of this battle.

Join 1 million men in over 80 countries who are learning to live free of porn through the proven strategies and practical tools taught in the Conquer Series. This 10 week, action packed series contains Biblical teaching to help men walk in freedom. It  will help men learn how to use the weapons of God to be a better husband, a better father, and become a man of integrity.

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Adult Bible Study

Sundays at 9 AM
This Bible study is for anyone who wants to dive deeper into God's Word. They meet every Sunday morning before our Celebration Service.

WOW (Women of Worth)

Thursdays at 10 AM
WOW is a group for our senior ladies to get together to enjoy some snacks and fellowship followed by prayer, the singing of hymns, and learning from God's Word. 

XYZ'S (Extra Years of Zest)

Every second Tuesday of the month at 11:30 AM
Our Seniors Ministry here at Mountain Christian Center is called XYZ's, which stands for Extra Years of Zest! This group is for anyone who is 50 or older. They meet every second Tuesday of the month at 11:30 AM for a potluck.

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