What is BGMC?

BGMC (which stands for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) is the Assemblies of God missions program for kids that helps raise money for missionaries so that they can reach people around the world for Jesus Christ.

What Does BGMC Money Buy?

BGMC buys anything that missionaries need to better tell people about Jesus! That means buying Bibles, computers, puppets, musical instruments, sound systems, projectors, and a whole lot more!

How are we involved in BGMC?

Our kids here at Mountain Christian Center are very involved in BGMC. Each of our children has a Buddy Barrel (a little bank for collecting change) that they get to take home with them. Every last Sunday of the month our kids bring their Buddy Barrels to church and give all the money they have been collecting over the weeks. 

For more info on BGMC, watch the video below.