Our Sunday morning small groups all meet at 9 AM. Scroll down to see what we have to offer!

Adult Bible Study

Sunday mornings at 9 AM in the Chapel.

Our adult Bible study on Sunday mornings is for anyone looking to dive deeper into God's Word. Whether you've been a follower of Jesus for a long time or are a new Christian, you are sure to get something out of this class.

Worship Team Bible Study

Sunday mornings at 9 AM in Room 116.

Every Sunday morning our worship team gathers together and studies

God's Word. They study the Old Testament and the New Testament and find practical applications for our lives today. 

Anyone, not just worship team members, is welcome to join this Bible study. 


Sunday mornings at 9 AM in Room 109.

Jesus in Mark 11:17 said, "My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations." Here at MCC we want to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for people to spend time with God in prayer. We pray and seek God in all of our small groups but this one is focused solely on prayer.